Andre Hakkak House

Andre Hakkak House: A Fusion of Modern Luxury and Sustainable Living

The Andre Hakkak House, situated in the prestigious Gables Estates neighborhood of Coral Gables, Florida, is an exemplary model of modern luxury and sustainable living. Designed by visionary entrepreneur Andre Hakkak and his wife, Marissa Shipman, this house embodies elegance, sophistication, and a deep commitment to environmental sustainability.

Architectural Design and Features

Modern Elegance

The Andre Hakkak House features a contemporary design with floor-to-ceiling windows, providing abundant natural light and stunning views. The interiors are adorned with custom-made furniture, plush carpets, and intricate decor that seamlessly blend form and function. The spacious living areas, cozy bedrooms, and elegant dining spaces are designed for both comfort and aesthetics.

Sustainable Elements

Sustainability is at the heart of the house’s design. The house incorporates solar panels, energy-efficient appliances, and a rainwater harvesting system. The landscaping includes drought-resistant plants and smart irrigation systems that minimize water usage. These features not only reduce the environmental footprint but also enhance the overall efficiency and comfort of the home.

Interior and Amenities

Interior and Amenities

Luxurious Interiors

Inside, the house offers state-of-the-art amenities such as a gourmet kitchen with high-end appliances, a home theater for immersive entertainment, and spa-like bathrooms. Advanced home automation systems allow for seamless control of lighting, temperature, and security, enhancing the living experience.

Outdoor Spaces

The outdoor areas are equally impressive, featuring a rooftop terrace with panoramic views, an infinity pool, and an outdoor kitchen. These spaces are designed for relaxation and entertainment, providing a perfect setting for social gatherings or quiet family time.

Cultural and Environmental Significance

Heritage and Innovation

The Andre Hakkak House blends heritage and modernity, incorporating elements of diverse cultural influences in its decor and design. It stands as a symbol of the couple’s commitment to environmental sustainability and luxurious living. The house’s design reflects a balance of traditional craftsmanship and contemporary innovation, making it a unique and personal space.

Community and Lifestyle

Located in the exclusive Gables Estates neighborhood, the house offers a tranquil yet vibrant lifestyle. The community is known for its lush greenery, Mediterranean-style architecture, and a close-knit atmosphere. The house is designed to facilitate both private family life and social gatherings, making it a versatile and dynamic residence.

Key Features of Andre Hakkak House

  • Open Floor Plan: Creates a sense of spaciousness and allows for flexible use of space.
  • Natural Light: Large windows and skylights provide ample natural light, reducing the need for artificial lighting.
  • Modern Amenities: Equipped with the latest technology and conveniences for a luxurious lifestyle.
  • Sustainable Design: Incorporates eco-friendly materials and energy-efficient systems.
  • Custom-Made Furniture: Every piece is carefully selected or custom-made to complement the house’s aesthetic.


The Andre Hakkak House is a masterpiece that exemplifies modern luxury and sustainability. Its innovative design, luxurious amenities, and commitment to environmental stewardship make it a standout example of contemporary living. Whether you’re an architecture enthusiast or someone who appreciates fine living, this house is sure to inspire and impress.

By understanding the design philosophy and key features of the Andre Hakkak House, we can appreciate the thought and creativity that go into creating such a remarkable residence.